Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sour Grapes

Looks like Gwen Stefani won't be attending next week's MTV Music Awards, hosted by pick a damn name already! Diddy, even though she holds the most nominations. Gwennie is pissed-off that MTV didn't invite her to perform and so, like any good sport, she's digging her heels in and pouting in the corner. One of my best friends met Gwen Stefani in SoCal years ago, after the release of their first album (the one with "Trapped in a Box", before Tragic Kingdom), and she was so rude and diva to him that he's harbored disgust and hatred for her ever since. I don't know the specifics of what Gwen said or did (he just sniffed that she was "beyond rude" and "incredibly stuck-up", even though she wasn't yet famous), but hey, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt—everybody has bad days once in a while, right?

Side note: No Doubt briefly dethroned Pearl Jam as my favorite band in 1996 (this is massive people), but don't worry—Pearl Jam quickly regained their place and have been my darlings ever since. (Eddie Vedder, I remain gutted by the recent revelation that you have a child!) And damn it, I still don't have tickets to their Philadelphia show. Need to get on this. Uh, wait, what was I saying? Gwen Stefani has no class, or something? Eh.
No MTV Gig? Gwen Won't Accept It (NY Daily News)


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