Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Page Six thinks Julia Stiles is fishy

Page Six is inexplicably angry at my personal celebrity Julia Stiles today, calling her "haughty" for having an (I think healthy and refreshing!) attitude that, "(Gossip is) fun fodder for a cocktail would be bad to be so obsessed and self-involved to think that people are actually paying that much attention to you from one little blurb on Page Six." I know Page Six doesn't take kindly to people bashing them, but this is hardly a Lohan-Duff style feud—unless maybe Julia stole Paula's boyfriend? Nah, probably not.
Wrap This, Julia! (Page Six)


Blogger Movie Girl said...

Julia has a point. I don't even believe half of what I read anymore. Unless the words come directly from their mouths in a public interview, more than likely the comments on paper have been falsified or blown out of proportion.

8/31/2005 11:36 AM  
Blogger J. said...

Who ARE these people, anyway???

9/06/2005 12:08 PM  

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