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The magazine world is going crazy!

On the heels of, well, everything that's been happening recently (new magazines being created every seven seconds, Meredith buying a bunch of titles from G&J, Jane Pratt stepping down, my own sort-of-fired-but-not-really drama) comes the news that AMI boss David Pecker is completely restructuring Shape magazine. Not only are the art and production departments getting shipped from California to New York, but the editor-in-chief Anne Russell has been fired, with more heads expected to roll soon.


Blogger beautybabe said...

I always tried to pitch Shape and they were so difficult to deal with as a writer. Maybe now they will come to folks like us.

8/04/2005 2:55 PM  
Blogger allisonzl said...

Nadine -

Really, haven't we all had enough of the "poor me" show? Time go own up to what happened. You DID get fired. OK, so you might have given notice, but they made you leave the next day, and then, wisely, Seventeen booted you too. That's getting fired, honey.

I am really shocked that you and so many others feel you were treated unfairly. Do you honestly think that the things you wrote on your blog that was not silly celeb musings or beauty tips were truly funny to those in your industry? And surely you couldn't have thought it was professional, could you have - even for a moment?

I have read this blog many times before - more for the sheer train-wreck nature of your recent history - and of course understand everything, as I am a magazine journalist - in fact, one of your former colleagues. While your blog is mildly entertaining, I hope you're enjoying writing it, because it's well-known, as I am sure you have now heard, that you've been blackballed from our industry forever. Perhaps that is what you wanted, and are seeing all sorts of glittering book/movie/t.v. deals in your future, But please, Nadine. Anyone can get an agent at William Morris if they have the money, and do you honestly think that Hollywood (or anyone) is interested in another "Devil Wears Prada"? Magazine projects are yesterday's news. Make the most of your 15 minutes, of course, but realize that the clock is ticking and that your refusal to be contrite is neither charming nor smiled-upon by those who you so wish to rejoin. We're not celebrating you, your former colleagues, Nadine. We're snickering at you, and then going about our business. You are a nice girl, but one we all pretty much feel like was young and stupid. Next?

My advice to you: if you ever really want to work in beauty again (and more than just writing a blog where people from Ohio and Kansas report back to you on their favorite mascara), start owning up to the fact that you did something wrong. An ounce of contrition would go a long way for yourself - certainly much more so than your exhausting and over-the-top self-promotion/media-whoring. Acknowledge that what you wrote about the PR people was extremely bitchy and insulting, that when you slammed higher-up editors for doing little work, you severely pissed off and aliented all of them, and that when you bragged about all of the "swag" you got, you presented yourself as an overindulged, unappreciative brat. LHJ and Seventeen we'ren't being cruel - they were being honest: there is no place in our industry for editors - especially junior editors who have worked in the industry for a couple of years and think they know everything - who act as if they are celebrities and are therefore worthy of star treatment. Though many do, the only ones who stick around are those who have already made a positive name for themselves due to their unmistakebale talent (Jane Pratt, Bonnie Fuller, etc.). In life, Nadine, you have to pay some dues, and when you do so, you have to be aware - constantly - that EVERYONE you meet is someone you'll run into later. How you treat them - online or off - will come back to you. Karma is indeed a boomerang, and it just knocked you on your ass, where you'll stay for quite some time now. Sure, you may have some delusions of grander fame, and if hanging on to those gets you by, so be it, but know that writing a blog does not a beauty writer make you. Humility and profesionalism do, and I hope you learn that from this experience.

8/04/2005 4:07 PM  
Blogger PublicityChick said...


Stop taking yourself so seriously. I've known Nadine for years. At no point does Nadine wallow in this "poor me" attitude you're referring to. Can you not infer sacrasm or humor?

Getting fired is not a big deal in the bigger picture of life. Yes, it's true that every industry is small and you never know who you'll run in to, but most people also have short memories and a sense of humor about themselves and thier industry.

I work in PR and didn't think what Nadine wrote about PR people was bitchy at all. In fact, I found it funny because there was truth in it. I work with reporters every day, and while a fair amount are friendly, most of your lot can be downright nasty.

It's about time someone tells it like it is and Nadine was brave enough to do it.

Are you?

8/04/2005 4:40 PM  
Blogger shimmer said...

someone doesn't like tongue in cheek truth. zoinks.

8/04/2005 4:56 PM  
Blogger Jax said...


Wow! I figured that was the truth about Nadine. This blog is written by a young naive girl. It's true. I only come here not to find what she has to say, because one she is young, two unexperience (I mean she was fired from a bottom position), and three honestly isn't a great beauty, but I come here to read what others are posting about products. If she looked like Jessica Simpson or was at the top of her game in beauty I would take her advice, but usually I skip over it and read if anyone from Kansas found a great product that might work for me.

8/04/2005 4:59 PM  
Blogger Little Bird said...

Jane Pratt is leaving Jane?!?! How is that even possible? Doesn't it exist simply because of her?

And just to add my two cents, Nadine has, on numerous occasions in the press, recognized that what she did was "wrong" and perhaps not the best career move. But just because she's chosen to capitalize on her 15 minutes (and really, who doesn't these days) does not make her "stupid". Stop being so condescending. It's just not necessary.

8/04/2005 5:06 PM  
Blogger beautygirl1220 said...

Whoa there "allison".. I've seen two nadine interviews, one on live at five, and the other this week on cnn. She seemed very contrite in both, and repeated how she was sorry she let her co-workers down but was trying to look forward positively -- I didn't think she was acting "poor me" at all. I could understand if she'd been posting "so and so is a bitch" and you were the bitch, but as I understand it there was nothing nasty written at all. Sounds like someone's drinkin the green haterade.. Why are you getting so worked up? Are you jealous that you are still relegated to your desk while she now has a bright future in front of her? You better let go of that negativity sister, frowning gives your wrinkles. Maybe Jolie could reccommend something for them.

8/04/2005 6:04 PM  
Blogger allisonzl said...

just writing what i know, seem to be the ones drinking in her sob story. i guess everyone loves one, and if you do, that's your right, but there's a big difference between lamely/unconvincingly saying "i understand why they rescinded the offer" and actually meaning it. no one i know believes nadine has done the latter. don't get me wrong - she's a perfectly nice girl - just now she's the perfectly nice girl who is the butt of ocuntless jokes among the people wise enough to know better than to have done what she did (and let's be honest - you don't have to be arocket scientist to know that.....).

8/04/2005 6:26 PM  
Blogger Jolie said...

While you’re spectacularly mean, you’re also right. Sadly, there have been bridges burned, and I truly feel awful about that—the recent developments in my life are exciting, but I’d rather have back relationships with the former editors I care for and respect. I honestly never meant for those few posts to be interpreted as they were by some people in the industry, but as I've said—and meant—in my interviews, I take full responsibility for what I posted. Because I wrote everything with the best intentions—naively trying to be funny—I was surprised by the vehemence of some people’s reactions. Of course, hindsight is 20/20. I respect and understand their positions, however, and probably would have reacted the same way had I been in their shoes. Unfortunately, what’s done is done, so I haven’t been wallowing in self-pity and am simply moving on, taking advantage of all the opportunities that are coming my way. Best of luck to you, and hope you learn a little more gracefully along the way that everybody makes mistakes.

8/04/2005 6:36 PM  
Blogger Mista said...

allisonzl -
Before you insult any more of your precious readers (are you even a writer?) from Ohio and Kansas, the ones who I may point out are paying your bills by buying your magazines you're involved with, perhaps you should consider Beautygirl1220's question of whether or not you are having issues.

Do you have the motivation to create and craft a blog? Apparently not. Do you care about your readers? Or only your precious name and ego that's only as good as the replaceable nameplate on your door, if you keep up this industry-dependant attitude?

Oh, and might I add the question of why you are wasting time reading something you don't like? And why you choose to speak in the tone of Yoda? You're point, I fear, driven home was not.

I am new to this blog, but already I get a tone of approachability and honesty, one that Jane Pratt aspired to have in the beginning, and one that gains and keeps a devoted audience. Your attempt at honesty was mean, and as a Midwesterner living in New York, I will be very honest in saying that your tone was unwarrented. Good luck in your *satisfying* career as a whatever (note sarcasm, as you are apparently dull-witted at picking up on it), and props to everyone else who attempts to invent themselves.

8/04/2005 6:41 PM  
Blogger SophiaTK said...

Right on, Allison. I enjoyed your post because, for one, it doesn't use words like "haterade." You're articulate, intelligent, and probably a damn good editor.

This whole situation is quite ridiculous and shows that we all watch too much reality TV. We eat up someone's self-promotion even when they don't have that much to promote.

Having worked in the beauty industry, I was surprised at the excesses, but even more amazed that most beauty editors were humble and had a good sense of humor about the whole situation—and most importantly, about themselves as well. No beauty editor I know thinks she is saving the world by telling women how to keep their lipstick from feathering. Anyone who did probably wouldn't last too long.

Why do people think Nadine was telling it like it is or that there was anything shocking in what she wrote? Do we think she's a champion, standing up for someone? Who was she standing up for? Who was she trying to take down? I think she was just posting for fun, whiling away bored moments at work or at home. Let's not make her into a villian or a hero. There are so many people out there who are actually worthy of our scorn or adulation.

8/04/2005 6:50 PM  
Blogger nyctransplantandloveit said...

Ohhhhh! Gotta comment on this one!

All I can say is, Allison, you hit the nail on the head! As Nadine (can we PLEASE stop calling her "jolie" - the cat is out of the bag, already, jeez......) says - snaps to you.

I too am a beauty editor, and sat with Nadine at many lunches, events, etc. in the past. Always thought she was a nice enough girl, but was not surprised when she was "outed" as "Jolie" - we all had sort of figured it out that that point, and the grapevine is fairly short. (Incidentally, my fellow mag friends and I find it absolutely hysterical when she says she was "outed" - Nadine, you outed yourself when you originally sent the blog to all your PR friends! Girl, did you not think you'd be exposed eventually?).

Anyway, Allison IS totally right, for all of you out there who thinks she's mean or whatever. Nadine will never work at a magazine again - at least as a beauty editor; people DO NOT forgive or forget easily in this industry. She pissed way too many people off. I just heard today, in fact, that some magazines are pressuing PR companies to not deal with her anymore, or keep them on their lists. Who do you think the PR companies will cave into - current magazine editors or recently fired ones?

I feel like most of her posts were a bit too snarky for my taste, and definitely made my types seem bitchier than necessary. I only read the blog now because my colleagues and I love to see what shameless self-promotion Nadine is up to today, and giggle at how delusional she is about her future. OK, so that is bitchy, I guess, but honestly, I think she deserves it after what she made us and the industry look like. Being all over t.v. and making it sound like the mean, nasty editors screwed her couldn't be further from the truth. She screwed herself, and anyone who believes otherwise is as naieve as Nadine herself.

8/04/2005 7:19 PM  
Blogger Sweetiepie47 said...

As someone who worked in the beauty industry, also, I did not see what the big deal about this blog was. I told Nadine that and she agreed.

Her blog is fun, upbeat, and tells the truth. Beauty editors, as well as all editors, get a ton of free stuff, probably a lot more than is deserved.

However, beauty editors are not all brainless airheads upon whose advice the sun rises and sets.

Nadine is 24 years old and has made a name for herself without trying. You honestly think she was manipulative and deceiving enough to say "hey, I'll write a blog that will make people mad so I can be famous." It just doesn't work that way.

She knows what she did was wrong, but to wallow and cry about it won't make time go backward. You can't cry over spilt milk!

In five years, will this matter? No! You cannot hold grudges and if you do, it'll eat YOU up, not the person whom you hold the grudge against.

I find Allison to be someone who writes well, but is extremely catty and it's people like her who make it seem like everyone in publishing is "Devil Wears Prada." Allison, you are seethingly jealous of Nadine and if you think she's going to care that you are "snickering" in your little cubicle, then that's pretty sad.

Also, how does a 24 year old come up with the so-called money to pay a William Morris agent? Give me a break. That is quite lame.

All in all, what does all of this matter? We are so worried about what others think. Allison, I truly hope that you never have to work for Nadine, because you burnt one major bridge.

:) Nadine, do what's in your heart!

8/04/2005 7:26 PM  
Blogger Nice Jewish Girl said...

Hey Allison,

Though I don't know "Jolie", as someone who's previously worked in beauty, I have to say that in general, your thoughts ring so true about self-serving beauty editors. There are so many editors out there who think they deserve to be treated like royalty, and they treat the poor PR people like crap behind their backs. I just never understood that. Jolie aside, I think it's disgusting that in what's supposed to a woman friendly industry, you'll find some of the most self-righteous, catty girls you'll ever meet. They seem to ruin it for the "real" girls just trying to do their job.

8/04/2005 7:51 PM  
Blogger beautygirl1220 said...

good point-- you can't pay someone to be your agent they work for people they believe they can market -ESPECIALLY on the big three level, allison you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

8/04/2005 8:48 PM  
Blogger QueeroftheYear said...

The Estrogen in this blog is out of control (and I haven't even said a word) it's hard to breath!
Why is it that women will stoop to this level of cruelty?
Instead of uniting and being compassionate, you bite off heads? Jeers to all of you! I think it's honorable what Nadine did. She spoke out, and said what's on her mind. She had courage, and that's a hell of a lot more than her former colleagues ever did!!!

8/04/2005 10:52 PM  
Blogger *Yasmine* said...

I know everyone is entitled to their comments and its great to voice your opinion, but why the hell are some women so freakin green with Envy......Get Over it!!!!! Allison ---sweetheart, Jealousy is a B^tch.....isn’t it....Obviously you and all your little colleagues cant get enough of Nadine or else she wouldn’t be the topic of convo in your little coffee clutches.. Nadine, it must be nice to have Fans like Allison LOL....FYI You want to talk about Karma "why don’t you shut your mouth" before karma kicks YOU in the a$$ for talking about people...Let go of the negativity and let the girl be... Who cares if she never works in the magazine industry again...BOO freakin Whoo....who the hell would want to work with people like yourself.... Nadine I hope Great opportunities come your way...And you know what, They Will because you’re a great Girl!!!
Cheers!!! xoxo

8/05/2005 3:05 AM  
Blogger beautygirl1220 said...

yasmine you've hit the nail on the head. who needs a byline in LHJ when you can get a sick book deal?

8/05/2005 10:07 AM  
Blogger Jenny V said...

Never mind being cruel, Allisonzl is hands down, 100% jealous! Nadine handled herself quite well with her rebuttal (a real class act, unlike some) and as we can all see has walked away unscathed by some of these lame comments and will continue to make all of us smile each and every day. To boot, she DOES have a bright future ahead of her and WILL work in the industry again someday because she is extremely talented, knows her stuff and is a real go-getter. So sorry Allisonzl, your horrible attempt to rain on Nadine's parade didn't work……………!!

8/05/2005 11:12 AM  
Blogger vizslachick said...

God, Allison, could you be any more pathetic?? One thing I've always hated about the Web is how nasty some people are due to the anonymity of the medium. People feel free to say and do all sorts of awful things that they would never have the courage to say or do face to face. Your post is the perfect example. You dump all over Nadine and insult her and say that you spend your spare time laughing at her, yet you're too chickenshit to sign your post with your real name. If you actually know Nadine, and have spent time with her, and if you're so confident in your opinions, then why not be a big girl and sign your real name to your post?

Wanna know why? Because you're too scared, that's why. It's fine for you to piss and moan and rain all over Nadine's blog in the privacy of your anonymous post, but you don't dare tell her who you really are so that the two of you can have an open, honest conversation about how apalling you apparently find her recent behavior. No, you'd rather dish insults on her anonymously and then run away and hide like the coward that you are.

And you know what else? You're incredibly pretentious. So you're a magazine writer? Ooooooh! Aaaahhh! Wow, let us all fawn all over you. You know something? I'm a magazine writer TOO, and a former magazine staffer, and I'm frankly shocked as hell that anyone would actually pay you $$ for your writing, because honestly, it stinks.

And let me guess... your dirty little secret is that you grew up in a small town in Wisconsin or Minnesota, and now that you've abandoned the sticks, you can't wait to put down places like Kansas or Ohio, because you're so sophisticated now, what with living in NYC and writing for magazines and all. Frankly, Allsion, the sad truth is that people with meaningful things going on in their lives have better things to do than make cracks about folks living in Kansas or Iowa or wherever. It's psychology 101 that if you're secure with yourself, then there's no need to make petty immature comments about - ooooohh - the fact that someone might live in the midwest and actually have an opinion about mascara! Woweeee! Because, you know, I forgot, only big city gals like you know anything about mascara, right?!?!

Another thing, Allison, you're hilariously transparent. Your obvious jealousy about Nadine's situation is ALL OVER your post. You say you read her blog all the time, you say you talk about her in your spare time, and you allude to the fact that you watch her on TV. Hmmm, jealous much? Have a bit too much free time on your hands? If you were seriously kicking ass in your writing career, besides having little free time, then surely you'd be happy for Nadine, a fellow writer, right?? No, the truth is, Allsion, that Nadine is rockin' her world right now. She's got an awesome blog that everyone is flocking to, she's been on TV numerous times and is incredibly articulate and adorable, she's got an agent at one of the top talent houses in the country, and she's soon going to be a published novelist. Now let me guess, you're someone who's always wanted fame and attention and the chance to be a published novelist, but somewhere along the line you settled and decided to write for magazines instead, right? Knowing you, you probably write for trade periodicals like Garbage Waste Journal or the American Snack Food Association Monthly. But I digress.

Basically, your post screamed loud and clear how ragingly jealous of Nadine you are. As a magazine writer myself, I can tell you definitively that EVERY SINGLE other magazine writer I know would much rather be a published novelist. So come off your high horse and just admit how green with envy you are over Nadine's recent sucess.

And finally, you sound like such a bitter, dried up, miserable little wretch in your post. You tell Nadine that you're laughing at her and that she'll never work in the beauty industry again. Excuse me, but who the hell wants to be a beauty editor when you can be a novelist or screenwriter instead? (Because I bet Nadine's book will eventually get turned into a movie). Your threats are ridiculous. If you think Nadine actually wants to go backward in her career, then you're even more of an idiot than I originally thought.

My advice to you, Allison - pamper yourself a bit, get relaxed, then sit down with a pad and a pen and do some real honest creative writing for yourself. Instead of being mean and bitter and jealous, why not spend your time constructively instead, working on your OWN writing career because it's obvious you desperately want one.

8/05/2005 4:00 PM  
Blogger Sweetiepie47 said...

vizslachick hath hiteth the naileth on the headeth.

Allison, go eat a piece of lettuce, if they allow you to eat that much at your mag. Check out my blog on that topic.

and by the way, the green Haterade comment was awesome!!! Love it!

8/05/2005 4:40 PM  
Blogger SuzyKelly said...

This whole blog is fueled with comments from PMSing cats. Come back when your rag has ended. sheesh.

8/06/2005 9:43 PM  
Blogger *Yasmine* said...

JAX.............LOSER... You are probably someone that knows NAdine and cannot even handle her Success........GET OVER IT !!

Cheers !!!


8/09/2005 9:56 AM  
Blogger CK in the City said...

Ms. allisonzl, I bet Nadine already has a mother.

Nadine, as a young woman beginning my professional career in NYC (not Ohio) I really appreciate hearing about the experiences of other young city women, even if it just is helping me find a better concealer. It's nice to hear from real women and not stuffy magazines pushing products who spend the most in advertising.

8/09/2005 12:49 PM  
Blogger Catalicious said...


8/10/2005 3:04 PM  
Blogger Cindy Elavsky said...

dude, Jane Pratt is stepping down?

While the "Comments Catfights" are always entertaining, i think i'll stick to blog and veer away from the comments section.

Comments are scary.

8/15/2005 9:59 PM  

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