Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy Birthday to me, part deux

Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! I really appreciate it.

I lied earlier, however—I will be accepting gifts after all. No, really. Why are you laughing?

I love, love, love blogging and emailing and chatting with all of you, but it's getting slightly cost-prohibitive (as in, going to have to get an actual job soon and then will likely be forced to stop blogging...since we all know how well that combination worked last time!). It never even occured to me to ask for donations, but last night another blogger friend of mine slapped some sense into me and was like, "What are you waiting for? All the cool kids do it." Wait, you mean they don't all live off of their parents while freelancing and waiting on book deals and contemplating bartending at that nasty frat-bar (with great music!) around the corner? Eureka!

So, I figure it's worth a shot—if, like, 1% of you donate $10, it will be enough to keep Jolie going for months. Years, even! And by then, maybe I'll have finished my book and you'll all really like it and we can hold hands and run through fields of daisies singing songs together. And it will be magic. Doesn't that sound nice?

If you don't want to donate (see that pretty little button there, underneath my profile?), I still love you. But if you do—a penny! a nickel! a houseboat! anything!—me love you long time.

Update: Whoops, didn't mean to mandate $10 for everyone. I fixed it so that you can donate whatever you'd like, if you're so inclined.