Monday, August 01, 2005

Breaking news: Nick thinks Jessica is pretty!

You all remember that story about how, a few months back, Nick Lachey slipped his phone number to the friend of a reporter for the New York Daily News—while the reporter was right there—yes? Poor Nick ran into the reporter a few days ago, and immediately began talking about how hot his ex-wife wife is. I'm sure that wasn't awkward at all.
Nick makes nice (NY Daily News)


Blogger Jax said...

Yasmine & Nadine,

Can't stand to be on this thing's stupid...what a waste of time. Yasmine you must be really bored at home with your kid with no interaction with adults. I feel bad for you because if you really are 24 years old, married with're screwed. There is a closing poem for ya all when you wonder where all your money went...

The Beauty Myth
The beauty industry billions of dollars a year
You believe the hype that you hear
But from where I stand it's pretty damn clear

The fear inflicted, the body image that's depicted
I can see what they're praying for, I know you want more, but that Mac make-up makes you look like a whore, and what the hell for?

Smearing shit all over your face. Go to sleep hoping the wrinkles erase.
With all the products your bathroom don't have any space.

Now think for a minute...did you REALLY look different?
Or just covering the same,
cuz that's a damn shame,
but who's really to blame?
Cuz you're buying what they're selling obsessing like a freak.
Wanting a sneak peak,
At the latest new cure and
Reading the newest Allure.

I still don't get why smart women be acting this way,
The BEAUTY MYTH is what it's called.
I see how you fall, wasting time at the beauty counter mall.
Too much make-up and gloss
I can tell you're lost,
Because you'll try anything at any cost.

8/01/2005 12:37 PM  
Blogger Chaney said...

To Little Miss Stella,

You really should invest in a life or just find another blog or rock to hide under that could use an annoying, long-winded nuisance such as yourself.

Chaney of Florida ;)

8/02/2005 10:14 AM  
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