Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Alias Spoiler alert!

As readers of Watch With Kristin have known for weeks, Michael Vartan's character Vaughn is supposedly being killed off the new season of Alias. (For the three of you who actually care, but haven't already heard this widely-repeated rumor elsewhere: sorry!) Page Six reports that, just last week, Vaughn's death was filmed, and goes on to quote inside sources as saying that MV was fired. Kristin, meanwhile, has been reporting that Vartan left voluntarily (since, really, who would want to stick around to see your ex-girlfriend incubating a baby that, disgustingly, was spawned by Ben Affleck's penis? Shudder.) Whether or not he left of his own accord, one thing is certain: Jennifer Garner is the most improbable man-eating vixen in the history of Hollywood. But damn if her dimples aren't adorable! (Well, okay, two things.)
Rally for Doomed Alias' Star (Page Six)


Blogger Movie Girl said...

I have been an avid Alias fan from the first episode. I have all the dvd sets (such a geek). Michael Vartans character is one of my favorites. But honestly, she is said to be leaving after season 5, and now he is said to be leaving. The show is over for me.

8/23/2005 6:47 PM  

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