Thursday, July 14, 2005

Where's my Gawker blog, Nick?

Gridskipper's own Chris Mohney (known to readers of this blog as the guy who I erroneously declared had been forced to stop blogging on Gawkerist) writes a thrilling article for Mediabistro describing his single-minded pursuit of blogger nirvana: working for Gawker Media. Not only did Chris refuse (refuse!) to take no for an answer from Nick Denton, but he toiled away for years in relative obscurity before finally—oh, wait, no, he didn't. He got hired at Gridskipper three weeks after he started Gawkerist. Lucky bastard.
Do Not Try This At Home: One Man's Harrowing (and Slightly Ironic) Attempt to Get a Media Gig (Mediabistro)


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