Friday, July 29, 2005

Six Degress of Lipgloss

Since Kim Van-Dang announced a few days ago that she's leaving InStyle to begin her own consulting firm—too...much...movement!—I think it's high time for a recap of the beauty musical chairs (in no particular order, since I really don't feel like being that clever):

Kerry Diamond left Harper's Bazaar for Lancome...Alexandra Parnass left Shop ETC for Harper's Bazaar...Amy Keller left Allure for Shop ETC...Jolene Edgar left Oprah for Allure...Jenny Bailly left Allure for Oprah...Natasha Singer left W for The New York Times...Charlotte Rudge left Nylon to freelance...Tia Williams left Teen People to work on her next book...Lori Bergamotto left Lucky to live la vita bella, then went to Teen People...Jodi Buffalo left Shape for Real Simple...Robin Immerman left Seventeen for Shape...Nadine Haobsh (that's me!) left Ladies' Home Journal for Seventeen—except that didn't quite work out...and that's as far as my confused brain can take it. I can't even imagine how mixed up the poor PR people must be.


Blogger liz said...

yeah, it can be a full-time job to keep up with the editor musical chairs, especially when you're keeping track of three categories (beauty, accessories and home) like me! thanks for the nice recap - i knew about all of these because i am obsessive compulsive about keeping track, but i think i'll print this out for a nice reminder cheat sheet. and congrats on the book deal!!!

7/29/2005 6:52 PM  

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