Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pink is the New Black

Today, in a fit of whimsy, it struck me: everything I own is pink. I have a pink Marc Jacobs wallet, three pink purses, three pairs of pink shoes, a pink dress, two pink skirts, a pink Lacoste shirt, endless pink tank tops, a pink get the point. Why is this at all noteworthy? Because nearly every single one of these things was given to me. (Dude, I don't buy pink.) In fact, I actually hate pink. But I love getting free things, and I long ago abandoned any pretense of being too cool to wear gifted swag. This is probably because gifted stuff=I don't have to go shopping=a happy Jolie.

The real problem with having all of this stuff you received as gifts is that everybody else has it, too. Try holding on to your pride when you walk into an event to find seven other girls sporting the exact same purse. Most beauty editors adhere to an unbreakable rule: do not wear or carry to an event anything you have been gifted. (Sage advice, but easier said than done, since half the time I end up forgetting it was a gift.) My only salvation: a Very Expensive Bag that I bought years ago as a "Happy Graduation to Me" present. I pull it out on event days, wear it with pride, and silently smirk at the other poor girls who accidentally brought the gift bag. I hope that doesn't make me an asshole.


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