Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nick and Jessica No More?

A gossipy email is making the rounds saying that Johnny Knoxville and Jessica Simpson are planning on going public with their torrid affair in a PR flurry orchestrated by Joe Simpson. Quoth the email, "Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville are going public. Johnny is leaving his wife, Simpson is filing for divorce - they are shopping the exclusive story to the weeklies under Joe Simpson's direction. My PR instinct tells me the news will break in next week's weeklies to fuel some fire before the July 28th Dukes premiere." Hate to be the crazy kid humming in the corner with her fingers in her ears—since nobody thinks the mega-brand that is "Nick and Jessica" is a bigger sham than me—but I don't think this is true. Why does Johnny need a divorce? He's married and has a child, and that still hasn't stopped him from getting busy with Jessica, Kate Moss, Bridget Hall, and many others. Ditto for Jess, who rakes in big bucks with the whole ditzy housewife thing, but still gets to have her cake eaten, too. Unless...wait. You mean...because Johnny and Jessica might actually be in love? That's just gross.


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