Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Beginnings

It would be an understatement to say that this was the weirdest week of my life. On Tuesday morning, I had a job I loved, a nice salary and was living in blissful oblivion. Flash forward to today, and I've given interviews to the New York Post, Fox 5 News and CNN (are you kidding me??), have a very, very big interview set for tomorrow (until it actually happens, my lips are zipped), have meetings this coming week with multiple book agents and—oh, yeah, that—am quickly approaching the poverty mark. 24/7 ramen: can't wait!

I've been running on adrenaline, since sleep and food have been hard to come by these last couple of days. More than once I caught my reflection in the window facing my computer table—responding to emails as furiously as I could while cradling my landline phone on my left shoulder and listening to the cell phone earpiece in my right ear—and thought, "You look like such a pretentious fool right now." But while the iron is hot, I'm a-strikin', baby.

Now...bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally have time to eat, too.


Blogger Chelsea said...

You were one lucky person until you messed it up, and I don't feel sorry for you at all. Although I have a Masters in Journalism at Columbia, I have been trying to get my foot in the door of the magazine world for quite a long time now- several years to be exact.

7/23/2005 1:40 AM  
Blogger sugartwink said...

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7/23/2005 3:01 AM  
Blogger a distant mind said...

good luck

7/23/2005 9:54 AM  
Blogger tbergslave said...

you go girl. those editors are just getting their panties in a twist bc now they'll have to justify their budgets. you've exposed the "soft money" and the ugly side of the beauty biz - crazy publicists using machiavellian ways to bribe editors to write about their latest lip gloss. and any posts you're getting from jealous wanna-bes (ie chelsea) are to just be laughed at. let her languish and you ride that train to the top!

7/23/2005 11:35 AM  
Blogger bellastar said...

I Guess your days of spending $100 on drinks are over (as written in your previous posts.)I've been following your blog & I have a few questions:
1) Eating ramen? How can you afford a publicist?

2) How could you not see this coming? In previous posts, you wrote about another blogger who lost their job & even considered that it might be YOU.

3) Do you really think that magazine readers are BLIND to what goes on behind closed door?

4)Do you think that re-listing your previous posts will help you get a job in the beauty industry?

7/23/2005 12:00 PM  
Blogger MelissaLaughing said...

I am saving

7/23/2005 12:43 PM  
Blogger Good old Europe said...

I just wanted to let you know that I started reading your blog over here in Germany and really liked it, and I'm glad you're back. Like many of the others have said, times like those you are experiencing now are always a chance for something BIGGER AND BETTER, and I wish you the best of luck with all your future projects.

7/23/2005 4:16 PM  
Blogger yasmine said...

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7/23/2005 8:41 PM  
Blogger yasmine said...

I think you're Amazing!! I hope only Good will come from all of this. Keep your head high....



7/23/2005 8:43 PM  
Blogger kitler said...

go for it all, baby! give those interviews, and work your 15 minutes for all it's worth.

someone, somewhere, will appreciate your wit and talent and you will be just fine.

7/23/2005 10:19 PM  
Blogger kitler said...

yh, i meant like...they'll appreciate your wit and talent and actually be in the position to offer you a job.

i appreciate you, but i got nuttin'. however, i CAN make you a lunch if you're ever in the south.

7/23/2005 10:24 PM  
Blogger Donny said...

So you're gonna be the next "dooce" eh? :) Congrats.

7/24/2005 12:22 AM  
Blogger prettynyc said...

Jolie, don't pay attention to people who kick you when you're down. That's why you started this blog in the first place, no? Because you could not tolerate the nastiness of people and you had to let some of it drain off?

Good luck. Your talent and humor will land you in the next great place.

7/24/2005 12:47 AM  
Blogger Brooks said...

Having a Masters degree doesn't make you good at anything. Well, other than complaining maybe. :-)

Brooks Blog

7/24/2005 6:17 PM  
Blogger Mel B said...

Good luck on what happens next for you. Glad to see you're back!!!

7/25/2005 1:49 AM  
Blogger MelissaLaughing said...

I am totally ready to shell out the cash to pre-order a hardcover first edition of your first book.

You've got *it* girl -- the combination of great writing AND things to write about!!

I see that your journey might feel like a roller coaster right now, but hey, that's just giving you more to write about!!!

7/25/2005 7:06 AM  
Blogger raindrops said...

Keep your head up, it will all work out for the good. This could be a great kickoff for a book, cable sitcom, or movie. The possiblities are endless. Good Luck!

7/25/2005 9:49 AM  
Blogger me_nyc said...

You can't be anyone but yourself or you'll hate yourself tomorrow. Don't worry, things happen for a reason and this is just your next step in life.

FYI, just saw you on CNBC I think. Hello from nyc.

7/25/2005 12:05 PM  
Blogger helen said...

I read this article today and was interested in light of the many articles about people losing their jobs over blogging. When I read this part about how you are reaching poverty here I couldn't help but respond. I know you were probably not being literal, and it seems that you are being positive in spite of your job loss but let me just tell you how much worse it could be! How would you like to lose your job because you refused to perform sexual acts for your supervisor, going six weeks between jobs with absolutely no income, while trying to support three children alone? I mean, you could be left to take care of three children while your ex husband has moved on to support his girlfriends children and not bothered to see yours in three years! As you joked about ramen 24/7 all i could think about was how that is reality to us! We really do eat ramen, my kids look forward to going to school so they can have a free lunch. I have a college education, and a pretty decent job, but no one will help when the father of your children decides he doesn't want to support your children anymore. How would you like to have to tell your child that you can't afford a gallon of milk until pay day or have to scrape change to get a gallon of gas just so you can go to work. I make too much to qualify for any government assistance, but not enough to survive. I tried working two jobs, but who's going to raise my children? I have no family at all, it's just me, alone in this world, responsible for three other lives. Innocent lives that didn't deserve any of this! So rather than being upset about what you've lost, count your blessings, it could be so much worse. People, and I suspect you are guilty of this as well, take for granted being able to run to the store for a soda or a pack of ramen noodles. I have always worked, always done what's right and I yet I am having to force myself to get up every day and do it all over again. I am so tired of having to beg the water company not to turn off my water. I don't spend any money, I can't afford beauty products, I am wearing clothes that I wore in high school and I'm in my 30's! You could have it so much worse.

7/25/2005 4:57 PM  
Blogger sambuca_dreams said...

helen, i hope i don't offend you here, but you are familiar with the phrase "all things are relative," yes? i sympathize with your problems, my mom had the same hard time of it raising my two sisters and me. however, just because your problems happen to seem (or in this case, be) worse than somebody else's, that does not give you license to discount their problems. to put things in perspective, who's worse off in this scenario: you, or some guy serving 20 years in an iranian prison for his political beliefs, having the living daylights beaten out of him weekly, and never knowing if he's going to wake up to a bullet in the head. i'll let you field that one. and now, i will relinquish the soap box to anybody else that would care to use it.

7/25/2005 7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok... so I've been reading these posting for quite some time... I for one think that SEVENTEEN made a huge MISTAKE... yes, and I'll tell u why... I'm 29 and still read this magazine, and have been since I was 12.. and I do so because it focuses on alot of beauty products.. but what does a big mag like this say when they retrac their offer.... you come across as a respectfull, honest being. And yet honesty is not at the top of their game... this industry has it all twisted... how do you keep your sanity and not loose your self in a world that is so plastic...?? It is so easy to loose your self and yet you have kept it together.. the book deal.. careful girl.. their is another book out their that the movie was based on.. Hey I think it's all in your path .. shhhooott... if some one by the name of "SUPERHEAD" can get a book deal.. I'm sure that AMERICA the great would still have some dignity and give a true writter a chance. CHELSEA.... did it ever occur to you to take a step back and see what it is that you are doing wrong?? If you have been trying for so long to get a foot in this door perhaps writing is not your thing,... don't get me wrong.. I'm not down playing you.. but don't hate on somone's misshaps to make your self feel better.... if your good at your Job.. than it would of happened already... but since it hasn't - maybe you should start and look for something else... listen to STAR in the morning ... 105.1 He makes sense ... dont't settle for less.. but do everything in your power to make the impossible - possible. Jolie... have you ever heard of WENDY WILLIAMS?? I'm sure u have ,,, shes the top WAGGGGG!! I think you should go on her show and talk about your story.. you won't beleive the audience she has... I doubt that the HIP HOP industry has anything to do with this.. but I'm sure beauty affect us all.. P.S. Good luck in everything and keep us up to date on everything... XOXOOXOOX

7/26/2005 11:26 AM  
Blogger Strange Little Girl said...

Just a word to the wise - if we've learned anything it's that you shouldn't post as if this is anonymous anymore.
So those of you with your employers name in your display name - be careful.

Good luck Nadine.

7/26/2005 11:57 AM  
Blogger newtome2 said...

I also saw your interview on, so I logged onto your site to find out what was so objectionable about your blog. Well, welcome to the real world, honey. You are bashing an industry that pays advertising dollars to the magazine you work for and any other magazine where you might be hired as a beauty editor. Your "Heirarchy" blog was quite insulting to the industry. Unfortunately, your writing style did not indicate you were a former beauty editor. Therefore, your employer made your dream come true, because now you are a former beauty editor. Congratulations!

7/27/2005 1:19 AM  
Blogger shimmer said...

I actually created an account here to comment on this...but anyway...I don't consider it a lapse in judgement at all to have a blog, nor to post about what your thoughts are on what you do. I consider these types of things a journal of sorts...and a place to take a mind dump (so to speak)...sorry you lost your job over your personal thoughts...

7/27/2005 11:20 AM  
Blogger eagle said...

Don't ever be ashamed of having discussed whatever was in your mind. Money will always be there for all of us. In the future just try to be your own boss. Maybe start your own magazine or whatever. You were just yourself don't listen to the nay sayers.

7/27/2005 6:00 PM  

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