Saturday, July 09, 2005

My, Look How She's Grown

When I saw this picture of Britney Spears at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premiere with her husband and her mini-me, my first reaction was, "Hey, Britney looks kind of cute! She's glowing!" But before I could feel all nostalgic for the days when Britney just seemed like another sweet little pop tart—as opposed to a walking PSA against class, common sense and shoes—I took a closer look at Britney's shirt. (It reads: "I have the golden ticket.") Why you gotta be like that, Britney? Just as I was beginning to think you were kind of cute again, you had to go and make it all about your vagina. Just, ew.

Random side note: Jamie-Lynn is utterly adorable, but how long do you think she has before she's forced to get a nose and boob job, too? If she lets genetics run its course, we might find out what Britney is supposed to look like. Fun!


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