Sunday, July 17, 2005

Haven't I always said all celebrities are crazy?

New York magazine agrees with me, since this week's cover article is entitled: "Celebrity Psychos: The Summer They All Went Mad." However, if you're thinking, "Sounds like fun! Let's crack this bad boy open!", you'd be dead wrong. After about 2,000 words of sentences like,
"Then it seems the craziness might be happening because the increase in watching is the very thing creating the craziness. Then it seems that the beginning, middle, and end of the celebrity life story is finding a way to get people to keep watching and loving the star forever, so at a time when they are more watched and more loved than at any other point in history, they should not be going so crazy.",

I was ready to poke out my own eyes. Rest assured that the article gets much, much more boring before Vanessa Grigoriadis sputters to a close. Was this piece even edited?
Celebrity Psychos (New York)


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