Monday, July 25, 2005

A Friend (of a Friend) in Need

You've undoubtedly heard about Shari Kurzrok, the publicist who needs a new liver. My friend at Ogilvy, who actually works for Shari, asked me to put this up, just in case any of you are in the dark.


31-Year-Old Shari Kurzrok Will Die Unless She Receives Complete Liver Within Days

NEW YORK (July 20, 2005) – Shari Kurzrok is two months away from her wedding. The 31-year-old PR executive recently spearheaded the American Red Cross’ largest-ever blood donor campaign. Today, she is fighting for her life. Her doctors say she will not live if she doesn’t receive a complete liver transplant within days, and her colleagues in the PR industry are urgently mobilizing to help her.

“I just pray that what Shari has loved to do for a living comes back to help her,” says her fiancée Robby Schnall, 35, a marketing executive at Cole Haan. Their wedding is planned for October 15 at Woodbury Jewish Center in Long Island.

Shari’s sudden illness has taken her family, friends and doctors by surprise. She was admitted to New York University Medical Center last weekend, and within 24 hours she was told she needed a liver transplant to save her life. Her illness is still unexplained.

Kym White, managing director of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, says the news has shaken Shari’s colleagues and friends, as well as the extended communications industry. All are quickly rallying to spread the word through PR and advertising in order to draw attention to Shari’s plight. “Shari is a phenomenal friend and colleague, and it is hard to imagine that someone who only recently led the largest-ever blood donor initiative for the American Red Cross with such energy and enthusiasm, is now in vital need of a liver donation.”

Shari led the 345-city Save-a-Life-Tour, which featured two convoys that traveled across the country to raise awareness about the importance of regular blood donation and to attract new donors including a younger and more ethnically diverse demographic. The campaign collected more than 3.2 million pints of blood and registered more than 38,000 new potential donors. Kamenna Lee, Director, Sales & Marketing for the American Red Cross, said, "Shari poured her heart, soul and life into one of our largest initiatives and truly helped save lives."

Now Shari’s family and friends hope that just one person can help save Shari’s life. Shari is a native of Great Neck, Long Island, and the daughter of Gloria and Mort Kurzrok. Her father says, “This is a race against time. We want to draw attention not only to Shari’s cause, but also to the urgent, ongoing need that challenge families like us every day.”

Potential donors must be Type A or Type O blood. A directed donation is when a donor family opts to donate an organ directly to a specific individual. Donor families often make the decision to donate organs during times of grief and shock; however, organ donation is a chance for something positive to come out of a tragedy. Anyone wanting to help Shari with a complete liver transplant referral should call: 877-223-3386 or email:

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Blogger Brooks said...

Wow! That puts losing you job into a whole new perspective doesn't it?
I'm not discounting the fact that we all have our own problems and our biggest problems are still big to us, but I'm just saying.

Brooks Blog

7/25/2005 6:53 PM  
Blogger Jolie said...

I agree 100%.

7/25/2005 7:29 PM  
Blogger LiLmissNOiTaLL said...

Wow isn't it amazing just how many comments were posted on your other topics and only one person besides yourself left a message here? I think it's great you are helping this person out and if there is anything I can do Nadine you know how to contact me.

"In our world, there can be no value in anything that does not earn GOD's good pleasure. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to confine our efforts to seeking the next world, for this world has no value to us"

7/28/2005 10:06 AM  

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