Friday, July 15, 2005

Editors: Are We the Enemy?

I had a very eye-opening conversation tonight with one of my best beauty publicist friends where she let loose on the evil temperments of various beauty editors. We can be a really mean bunch! A few days ago, I posted some friendly tips for beauty publicists to live by, and I was surprised at the outpouring of emotion I received explaining what a demanding industry it is. My various PR internships in college opened my eyes to its choppy waters, but the things I learned tonight—the slave-driver directors, the meticulously kept lists of all product called in, the berating for tentative placements lost—made me vow to 1) answer my phone at least five times a day...well, at least three times a day...rather than letting it automatically go to voicemail, 2) call back PR people if I hear that slightly hysterical edge in their voice suggesting that their boss will flog them senseless if I don't let them know the status of a story immediately, and 3) never again call in product for pretend stories that don't actually exist because I really just want to give that new perfume to my mom. (I've been living and dying by this last rule for the past week, and I'm amazed at how generous PR people can be when I'm—gasp!—honest.)

Man, I would not trade jobs with you publicists for the world. Snaps.


Blogger Brooks said...

I was shooting a cover for a certain trade publication in the beauty industry the other day and they were talking about the huge difference between two of their magazines. One that has to do with the spa industry has no problems getting product and it seems that the manufacturers always send extra for the editors to take home. The other magazine is for the obviously smaller tanning industry and those folks would usually ask "Do you need a real bottle?" Then they would ask if it's going to be sent back. I thought that was kinda funny.

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7/22/2005 12:52 PM  
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