Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blogs are bad!

Gawker has an intriguing blind item today:

WHAT BLOG, full of catty commentary on her publishing-world coworkers, recently got the junior employee who was writing it fired from a major house?

Seriously, what blog? We know it happened, but we don’t know the where to get our hands on the hot copy. First to give us the right URL is promised a weekend full of Gawky.

For a split second, this freaked the hell of out me. I read it and thought, "Holy crap, is it me??" Then I realized A) that if I've been fired, I'm the last to know, B) that my blog isn't catty (I love beauty!), and C) that I don't work in book publishing, which is the Gawker category it was filed under. Phew! Snaps for keeping your job!
Just Asking (A Blindish Item of Our Own) (Gawker)

--Not that you'd email me before Gawker, but does anybody know who this is, or what house it happened at? (Particularly you, all my book publishing friends?)


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