Sunday, July 10, 2005

The beauty editor conundrum

The beauty editor conundrum

As a beauty editor, in addition to the aforementioned blowouts and manicures and pedicures (for research, of course), you also get boatloads of products thrown at you. To the uninitiated, magic little bags arriving at your office everyday stuffed with conditioner and moisturizer and lip gloss might seem like the coolest thing in the world. But after only a few months, it gets really, really old. (I promise.) I still love getting to try the newest beauty products before anybody else, but once you've sampled literally everything on the market, you can't help but play favorites. And slowly but surely, you resent having to put aside your beloved-and-oh-so-efficacious creams to test the new blah, or the new whatever, or the new I don't really care.

Okay, sure, I'll forgo the Phytodefrisant for a morning to see if this new anti-frizz gel works as well. Nope? Not as good? Tomorrow, back to my Phyto. (Or—let's be real—in four days. You don't think I actually wash my hair everyday, do you?) But when it comes to moisturizers and serums and cleansers, that's when I dig my heels in. The whole idea of a skincare regimen is to get your skin into a therapeutic routine, and give the products enough time to really start working. But how can you give a routine a fighting chance when you have fifteen other serums and tonics and potions lined up on your bathroom sink, begging, "Pick me! Try me! Write about me!"?

You could just stick to the same old routine, of course, forgoing research in the name of a pretty complexion. You could spend every day of every year using a different product, until your skin is raw and confused—but you're, like, a total expert. Or you could perform the insane science project (a little of the old favorite, a little of the new, a little more of the new) that is my daily skincare experience, applying layer after layer of various product in a mad desire to try them all until your poor skin is beaten into submission—yet still glowing!

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.


Blogger Mizzou379 said...

Oh god, I happened on to your blog from a story on and I am obsessed with it. You're darling. You're a product whore, like millions of other women out there and you blogged at work. WHO DOESN'T?! However, your story does serve as a cautionary tale to many of us. I will not mention work on my blog. I can only think back fondly of my first job & how naive I was, devoting an entire blog to what an ass my boss was - and that was with a local non-profit, not a national magazine. You rock!

7/26/2005 4:20 PM  
Blogger newtome2 said...

I also saw your interview on, so I logged onto your site to find out what was so objectionable about your blog. Well, welcome to the real world, honey. You are bashing an industry who pays advertising dollars to your magazine and any other magazine you might be hired by as a fashion editor. Your Heirarchy blog was quite insulting to the industry you work in. You did not write in the past tense (former beauty editor) which indicated that were still in the industry. Therefore, your dream has come true and you are a former beauty editor. Congratulations!

7/27/2005 12:53 AM  
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